Thursday, October 11, 2012

...and no one is doing a thing about it!

Good times!  Good friends!  Who could ask for more?  Gene and I recently we went down to Southern California to visit Disneyland and get caught up with some good friends!  We had such a wonderfully refreshing time that I wish it had to never end!  We were blessed to see our friends Skip and Peggy and the Darby family, of MBFCF

Skip and Peggy have been our friends for some 28 years!  Gene and Skip served at Calvary Chapel of San Bernardino and Peggy was the friend who threw a shower for my son, Gene, when he was born!  Peggy is a long term survivor of cancer!  They are such an encouragement to us of suffering and loving that I am always awed at their patience and kindness.  We sat in Downtown Disney for about 8 hours moving from table to table enjoying whatever we wanted to!  We had a lovely breakfast at The Story Tellers restaurant in the Grand Californian and just caught up on all our personal news.  Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon!

Who would have when we met we would become such long time friends!  Love you Peggy!  

Then the next day we were able to have dinner at Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria in Downtown Disney with my wonderful BFF from MBFCF

I have to say, anytime I'm with Marti and her family it is an adventure!  We had so much fun at dinner, she invited us to dinner the next night at her home!  Who could resist?  First, to see the coffee plants that I gave her husband had grown beans!  Yes people beans! (We killed ours a couple of years ago)

I keep telling myself that it is that SoCal weather, but I suspect it is the love that is exhibited in that household.  There is so much joy it is infectious!  As you can see, we had a lot of fun with her famous chalkboard!  

As you can obviously see....we had an amazing time!  I really want to go back and stay longer!  
I have been friends with Marti for  almost 40 years now!  Yikes!  Yes, I met her when I worked at a theater when I was 18!  Wow!  I think we should have some kind of 40th anniversary party when we hit that mark! Don't you agree?   I think I should get her on that planning!  (she's the party planner of the relationship) I think we have 2 years from my calculations!  Hope weddings don't get in the way!  Shut up...I know!  

Thank you Marti for your generous hospitality and all around fun nature!

Forget the update on Cars Land, or all the new things at Disney California Adventure.....the time with my dear friends was worth the whole trip!

You know, I've had a hard few months.  Lots of tragic things in my life, and my illness but this trip really encouraged me and helped!  So thanks all!  And I love you MORE!

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