Monday, August 12, 2013

A celebration with BOYS!

A few weeks ago we celebrated my grandson's birthday!  He is one year old and the whole family was there!  The party was on a Sunday and that day was his dedication at church.  Now, baby dedications are not like infant baptisms.  A baby dedication at CCH is when the family comes forward to ask for prayer for raising the child and for the blessing of the church in helping and directing the child with the idea that the child will grow strong in the ways of The Lord.  Also that the family would stay strong and dedicated to The Lord in raising the child.  It is a fun thing.  At CCH we usually post a photo on the overhead screen and then the family comes up with the child to be prayed for.  Since my husband is the pastor, it is especially exciting when it is one of our grand children being dedicated. 

There Zekie is up on the screen and below is his family.

 Geno (his brother) had wanted to use the microphone and said he would talk, which is always fun when little kids talk to the audience. 

In the end, all he would do was hold the fake microphone.  So on to Zekie

 Is there anything sweeter than a 1 year old baby?  Gene (husband) made a comment like "this is what I can do when the child is mine....fingers in mouth!" 

Zekie was the king of the day.  He had his first taste of chocolate and wore a crown

All the while his brother was enjoying the excitement as well!  Happy Birthday Zekie and we all promise to help in your upbringing! 

The banner on the cupcakes was from Lisa Leonard Designs.  You can find it HERE! Visit her site for many ideas.

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