Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pastelitos de Guayaba

My BFF is always texting, tweeting, blogging, posting about these little lovelies.. One day, in a weakened state I said I want some NOW.  Not only that I am going to make them.  Which really means I'm gonna make my husband make them!  So I went to her blog, and printed out the recipe.

 Here's the ingredients.  I had to go to a store I didn't usually go to because I couldn't find the Goya Guayaba paste.  This store deserves a shout out!  Thank you Foods Co. for having the things I needed!
 Gene followed her instructions to the letter, even added marks on the parchment to be sure to cut them correctly.
But then something happened....The Italian in him came out, he had to use his ravioli roller. Who can blame him? 

He proceeded on and put them in the oven and out came the beautiful Pastelitos de Guayaba.  They are meant to be enjoyed with coffee...so I requested (nicely) that my husband make coffee.  There after a couple of hours my desire was complete! 

 They are truly a wonderful treat.  And if I were Cuban I suppose it would seem even more wonderful.  Marti says that when she fled from Cuba she so missed these little wonders.  She then found a wonderfully simple way to make them.  I do love how they taste. But I'm wondering if my Pamogranate jelly would work in them?  Perhaps this is becoming the inspiration for a new Pensiero treat.  Maybe Pastelitos de  Guayaba Pamagranate   I'll keep you posted.  Go read about how Marti got to go to NEW YORK to make these lovelies! 

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