Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jane Troup

I thought I would tell you about one of my obsessions. I love my pets. One day I was reading my Mary Engelbreit magazine and saw an ad for Jane Troup's pet paintings. So my obsession began. I found her web site and my husband, Gene, had Aurora painted for me for Christmas that year. The Fed Ex truck came up to our house on Christmas Eve. I was so excited and wondered what it could be. Then we opened the package and there was my Aurora. We had sent in a photo my son had taken for the county fair one year (by the way he received a blue ribbon at the Kings County Fair and was eligible to send it to the State Fair, where he also received a First Place Ribbon!) Somehow it made Aurora's death easier to handle. I would see her each day on my mantel and smile. The painting perfectly captured her stuck-up personality! Then about 2 years ago Sassy died. She is the one with the red heart on her chest. I was really attached to her because she seemed to like me the best. She was a fragile dog. I don't know why but she was afraid of lots of things especially noises. When she died we asked Jane to paint her and again it made it easier loosing her.

This year, for my 50th birthday, Gene had Momo painted. Jane wanted to do a full body pose and we asked if Mt. Fuji could be in the background. You see she was born in Japan. The breeder brought her over from Japan and she became an American Champion. We received the painting about a month or so ago. It so perfectly captures her! Little Momo is always "stacking" herself. I guess you can't take the show out of a show dog. She is by far the most wonderful dog we have had. The Sibs (dog people slang for Siberian Huskies) were not very personable. They really didn't like being brushed or even touched. Momo is quite different. She likes being brushed touched and even likes to play! She is a Shiba Inu and I don't think I will ever own another breed. She is wonderful! I think it was much better to get the painting now instead of waiting until she is gone. If you love your pets, think of having them painted. It brings a smile to your face everyday!


Marti said...

We LOVE Momo! We are not "dog people," but we are really into Momo because she almost acts like a cat! ha! =D

geno said...

i like this post.