Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Staff Appreciation Day!

Today a wonderful couple from our church brought in a complete lunch for a Staff Appreciation Day! What a complete surprise and blessing! They made chicken enchiladas, beef tacos, rice, beans, salsa, chips and a wonderful pumpkin cheesecake! They also had a beautiful table set up for us all with flower and everything! How wonderful is that? The people here in Hanford really bless us.

We have been here in Hanford for 21 years and have watched our church grow and mature. It blesses my heart to see how happy and encouraging everyone is. Thanks for remembering us!


Marfi said...

I think Hanford is blessed to have you & Gene. You have demonstrated your commitment to them over and over.
That lunch looks wonderful!

geno said...

I love your blog.

hurray staff infection appreciation day....or wait....staff appreciation day...