Thursday, November 16, 2006

Whatever it is you can get it on eBay!

I have to share this story about eBay. I have been an user on eBay since June 1999. I am always amazed at what you can find there. My mom died in 1996 and I wish I could have given her this gift, but I enjoy it for her. Let me back up. See the sewing basket to the left? Well as long as I can remember it was my mom's little mending box. She told me it was the first thing I picked out by myself for her for a birthday gift. When she had it there was no lid. I came to understand that the lid had been broken years ago. You guessed it.....along came eBay. I started my quest to find the lid. After searching I figured out this was officially called a "sewing wheel" and was from the early 60's. I found a "newish" one that had never been used. Someone found it in an old store's inventory. I bid on the auction and won it for about $9.00, as I recall. I received the "wheel" and took off the lid and added it to my mom's wheel. Then I promptly turned around and sold the bottom (the "newish" one) for $5.00. Now where but on eBay can one do these things? I ended up getting the lid I wanted for about $4.00. How amazing is that? I wish my mom had lived a little longer so I could have given it to her.

That is not the only story I have about eBay. You recall from earlier posts that I have Multiple Sclerosis. Sadly I don't always take this into consideration when I am doing things like cleaning my home. I inherited about 100 cup and saucers when my mom died. For as long as I can remember she collected them. She especially loved it when friends or family would visit other countries and then bring one back for her. She had 2 little demitasse cups and saucers from the U.S.S.R. I bet you know where this story is going already. I was washing them and forgetting my MS I dropped one of the precious cups and chipped it. I was so sick about it. Not only was it about 40 years old, but from a country that technically does not exist. You guessed it....I started a quest on eBay. Using the markings on the underside of the cup I found the exact cup and saucer. A seller in Russia was selling it. I won the auction and in no time the broken cup was replaced with the "new" one. I learned a lot about the factory that use to produce the cup in the process.

Other great finds are a talking 70's batman alarm clock my husband had fond memories of. I snatched up a great old copy of The Lord of the Rings for my husband one year.

Oh yes....about the cup and saucer collection, my brother had given her a really cute cup and saucer one year with paisleys on it. I guess someone broke the saucer because the cup was always by itself. Guess where I found the matching saucer??????

I am really excited a cool gift for my friend Marti and my husband Gene, but I can't talk about it until after Christmas!

Is there something you need? Something that you have been meaning to replace? Look on eBay....sooner or later it will be there!

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Marti said...

My curiousty is burning!!!
What did you get me??

I will have to blog about ebay finds one day soon, too. (what a copycat I am, huh? =D)