Wednesday, December 27, 2006


John reclaimed his pickle title! It was a hard one this year. I had ordered a small pickle (about 1 inch) and then painted it silver with glitter and snow. I mean...I don't think it would be fair to look for it when you are 25+ years old and if it was green (3 inches) on a white/silver tree. I did show them pictures and of coarse if they are reading my blog there was a picture there. But even with all of that help, they had to get given a clue.

We had a very full Christmas. It is nice when Christmas is on the weekend, but truthfully, it is pretty hard on pastors. My husband had 4 services, I only went to 2. So we had to squeeze in our family stuff in between and after. I'm not complaining (well, maybe I am), but it was rushed. I missed reading some of the stories we usually do. However we all went to the Candlelight Service so we got the most important story in!

We had our yearly lasagna with a wonderful salad, dipping sauce for great bread and sparkling cider. Then we went south of the border and had tortilla soup for a late dinner. Of coarse there were lots of desserts and lots of fun. On Sunday Gene and I had my brother over and we enjoyed Arroz Con Pollo.....(hear that Marti?). It was wonderful. We even used the special Spanish rice my friend Marti sent! Then we went to see Night at the Museum. What a fun movie! I recommend it. It was a wonderful family movie with a good message.

I want to mention how wonderful I did this year M.S. wise. It has been years that I was able to help clear dishes and clean up. Most people would find that a wonderful thing, that others do the clean up, but there is a big difference between others helping and you not being able to help. Anyway, I was able to help with the dishes, make 2 meals, pass out presents (usually I have to just sit there) and I was able to keep going from about 7 in the morning to 10 at night. Now usually I would be so beat that I would have to be in bed for many days following such a holiday, but this time we had my brother over, as I said before, the next day. I made a very involved dinner then went off to a movie. Then yesterday I went to work. Am I fatigued? Yes. But I am not half dead in the bed. Those of you who have M.S. will understand. I am still feeling great on LDN. I am not saying I am healed, but my quality of life is 200% better! I am so happy I took the risk. Only time will tell if it was wise. It has been 2 months and I feel better than ever. Did I mention I even did some laundry too?


Geno said...

i feel that my pickle dynasty is completely destroyed...maybe one day i will win again.

love you!

Pam Pensiero said...

Your dynasty has been completely overthrown by the new comers. Better come up with a plan. I say next year we put some Ambien in their drinks.

Love you!