Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Need bathroom remodeling ideas?

Last summer we had to do some home improvement projects. Our house was built in the 70's and just about everything is wearing out. We had to put a roof on, put in a new oven and stove top. Those things are necessary but not very exciting. But what was exciting was that we remodeled our bathroom! The area we live in has extreme humidity in the winter so most homes have mold. Especially the older ones. So our bathroom was deeply in need of remodeling. This idea was one our contractor had. It was to brick the ceiling. Now before you think we are crazy, it is not the "regular" size bricks. They are much thinner. He made the ceiling have a curve, as you can see. It turned out lovely! It has an old world feel to me. It is such a joy to go into that room.

Here is a shot of the shower. It is golden brown tile with a rich feel (like chocolate) . The brick ceiling accents it wonderfully.

This mirror is an iron mirror and it hangs over the toilet. I don't know if anyone else likes it, but I love it!

We added a pedestal sink and toilet to match. They are from the Bancroft Suite collection by Kohler. We used an accent color called Mother Nature by Behr and it all blends together wonderfully.

We had the floor tiled with the 18" ceramic tiles and they carry right into our bedroom.

I must admit the greatest thing is the shower curtain. It is a hookless vinyl shower curtain. It dries immediately and doesn't grow mold!

I hope this spurs your mind for great ideas!


Marti said...

It looks sooo beautiful and inviting!! I love that green. The whole thing just looks so rich! I'll bet the Magno bottle matches perfectly, too. ;-)

geno said...

good pictures and good post.

i love you!