Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Say it!

It's Wednesday morning and I am not in as big of a hurry as I usually am. Wednesdays I go into work a couple of hours later. So this morning as I am drinking my Gourmet Spanish Coffee I decided to read my favorite bloggers. I was so delighted to read my son's blog. He found out our big family secret! His grandfather use to own a record label and his uncle Tony Penn had a couple of singles produced. He stumbled upon this through google. The record label was PRI which stood for Pensiero Records Incorporated. Tony sang the songs of the day (1960's) and I think he might still sing in lounges.

Now here is the "God" part. My own son has loved music his whole life. At age 5 he wanted a guitar for Christmas and his grandparents (record label owners) gave him a little guitar. Being the great parents we are we sent him to guitar lessons. My son took guitar lessons until the day he went to college. The local instructor was a lovely man who is still teaching guitar. I remember the years of complaining by the kids. They didn't want to practice. And it took a long time (years) before a legible song would come, but we pressed on. I pressed on "nagging" them to practice and they pressed on with the dream they could leave home one day and never practice again!

When he was in High School at CVC, he was asked to head up their band for chapel services. While at CVC he wrote their school alma mater! Also during this time a dear friend from our Church paid to have Luke and Gene cut their first album. It was called "On Bended Knee". One highlight for me was the song "view to a wedding" which he wrote for his sister's wedding. One was about how Johnny asked Mary to marry him. The other was about a father giving away his daughter. I still cry when I hear it.

In college, at FPU, he was chosen to be the College Hour Worship Team leader. He was blessed to have an album made that featured their music. He produced and performed on it and even wrote one of the songs!

Now it is 20 years later and my son leads one of the worship teams at our church, he is working on another album and this Friday night he will be playing at the Calvary Chapel of Visalia's coffee shop. At least a few times a year I ask my son, "aren't you glad I made you practice?" He always says, "yes Mom". I then say...."say it!" He sighs...."I'm glad you made me practice!"

I truly love to hear him play. He is working on a new song called "A Father's Reminder". You can click HERE to hear it.

Son, I am so glad you practiced! I love you!

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Marti said...

Such a cool story.
I'm so glad he practiced too!
Can even listen to his voice without weeping.... he's so gifted!