Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fresh comida criolla a lo Cuban-American recipe

Do you need a recipe? Well all the work is done for you! My friend Marta is now posting about once a week on babalublog. This week it is Crockpot Ajiaco Criollo. I can't speak for this recipe, although it looks delicious, but I can speak for many of her other ones. I have known Marti for ummmmm......30 years now and she has always been a great cook! She makes especially good concert brownies! :-) Just to prove it----

Here we are Christmas 1977(which I knew her way before that!). Aren't we cute? Anyway that's her! Back to the purpose of the blog. Her recipes are wonderful! Go ahead, try them! You'll have a little taste of Cuba!

Congratulations Marti!

1 comment:

Marti said...

What a cute picture of us!
You'll have to try the Ajiaco. Like every other Cuban thing you make, I'll bet you'll enjoy it. =D
So, now...
do you want an apron with my new logo? ;-)