Monday, April 30, 2007

I was cleaning some files....

I was cleaning out some files and came across this and remembered a funny story I just had to tell.

Several years ago I decided I'd like to earn some extra money by selling on eBay. I had a lot of fun going to garage sales and looking for that find that would make me rich! Around the same time my mom died and so I had a lot of her stuff I decided to sell. She had lots of jewelry and things she had bought from QVC and SHOP NBC. One of these things was a sterling silver replica of a ring owned by Marilyn Monroe. I decided this would be the perfect thing to sell on eBay. So I listed it and it sold.

The buyer promptly paid via money order (in those the beginning of eBay, people didn't use paypal). In with the payment was this picture. I remember thinking..."that is the guy threatening me? Why is he smashing a watermelon...maybe he is trying to send me a sick message..."

I filed it away and sometime later I showed it to my son who said "Gallagher sent you a picture?" I said..."is he famous?" He proceeded to tell me about him and how he smashes watermelons in his comedy skit. All this time I thought he was trying to tell me something! And he was Thank You!

It seems Disney/Pixar paid tribute to him near the end of the film Monsters Inc. Monster George Sanderson is seen walking to his door holding a hammer and a watermelon and humming to himself.

I wonder how many famous people we brush by going through our lives? Sorry for the bad thoughts, Ron.....I do appreciate the picture!


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A Case of The Mundys said...

Haha! This is even funnier because Ron Gallagher is the real Gallagher's younger brother... who stole his comedy routine!