Saturday, June 23, 2007

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I found the above picture of Mary the other day as I was searching for Father's day photos. (Upper right corner) I was amazed at how they were making the same face. It has been 26 years later and the same face! You can't deny they are related. Whenever we watch CJ we smile at her in this exaggerated way, and she responds. Looking at the picture of Mary, I am thinking this is how we must relate to each other. It is a little window into our lives. I think it is a good way to relate.

Cecilia doesn't really talk least I can't understand what she is saying, but last weekend I figured out that she is saying things. We frequently call "Momo" when we are not sure where she is and to make sure she is not getting into any trouble. When we called her the other day, Cecilia joined with a "Momo" too! So I guess she IS talking!

Back to my mother, like daughter.....Mary's first word was Bow Wow (I think) and now I am starting to see a pattern. I guess we love to exaggeratedly smile and we love dogs! Some things never change.....

BTW...check out my daughter's site for more cute pictures of CJ and Gene and Kelly site's for some funny reading about their trip to Montana. I'm a little concerned about Kelly...I think she is becoming a tree hugger!

Sadly, they had their car keyed today. How sad is that? I guess people are just mean....or maybe they don't like Californian's hugging trees?

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