Saturday, November 03, 2007

It's baaacccckkkk! 57 °!

When I got up today this is what I saw outside. The Tule Fog! I wrote all about it last year on November 19th. This time I have a picture of my street. This is just up my street and there should be another street there just 2 houses away.

Anyway, I love this time of year! I'm like the reverse of a bear-hibernate in the summer and out in the winter! It is finally getting livable in our house, 57°. Each year we try and get lower than the last before we turn on our heater. I think the record might be 48°! I will chronicle our progress in a picture on the right of the blog!


kelly said...

While I myself don't prefer the winter, I am exited for you (and your son) that winter is upon us. I'm ready for Christmas!

Marti said...

We are at 67 and there is FOG today!!
It is bliss.

You don't mean that you're like READY ready, do you???
Halloween was just LAST WEEK, people!
(I feel a depression coming on.)