Monday, April 15, 2013

After 10 years....

 We have had the most wonderful Building Manager these last 10 years at our church.  And our church is so wonderful many came together to give him a big retirement sendoff!  Kenny has been part of my life at CCH for around 20 years.  This last 10 years he has served as our Building Superintendent, Manager, or just about anything we needed. He is a gentle man, who loves hunting, fixing things and the Dodgers!  Some of the many talented people in our church made the decorations, amazing food and generally a grand sendoff. Above is one of the centerpieces.  The banner says it all Thank You Kenny! Very cleaver wooden box filled with a "field" and pennants sticking out of it.  Playing over head on the big screen was a 1988 World Series Game with the Dodgers.  It was also on the speakers outside so the whole neighborhood could hear it.  I felt for a few moments like it was a true ball game, there was the sound of the game over the speaker, a nice gentle breeze
 Cracker Jacks and peanuts on the table.  I could hear "take me out to the ball game" playing in my head.  Such a great idea!  Then I was siting and enjoying the outdoors (we had people outside and inside) and decided to open the Cracker Jack be warned a rant is coming on.....So there I was in this magical moment and I reached for the bag of Cracker Jack (haven't had any of these! Or a really long time) knowing there was a little toy inside!

To my utter horror there was just this! Are you kidding me?  A virtual prize?  What has happened to the world?  I guess I decided at that moment that I was old.  I bet kids now a days want virtual prizes.  I mean who plays with tin toys? I suddenly felt sorry for the children of the world!  Anyway, to carry on....
As I walked into the fellowship hall I saw this cool took box.  I thought "awe, such a nice touch"...then I realized this was the cake!  Everything you see is cake!  Whaattt?  Wow we have some creative and selfless people at our church. 
 Rhett our Master of Ceremony guy did one of his famous top ten lists.  Top ten things about Kenny that we love...(something like that)

 One by one people came up to say how much they loved Kenny and how much they will miss him.  Young, old, male, female, everyone will miss him.   

Kenny, (above) we will truly miss you!  When we bought our building 10 years ago you came and established programs so it runs smoothly.  I know we can no thank you enough.  Ken, I love you! Have a wonderful retirement!

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