Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I've discovered a new talent!

Since I am now retired disabled, I have been finding new ways to stretch myself.  I still voulenteer for the church, but at my speed and in my own home.  I must admit, i'm not as fast as I use to be and am very behind on the few things I do for them. 

I found this app called Draw Something.  And I'm hooked.  Yes, there isn't much to gain doing it and not a lot of  deep strategy like Chess for example.  But I find my self loving it!  The problem is that you can't find too many people who want to continue playing it because after a while the words are not replenished.  So you get to know what they are.  With that said, I decided to try and draw better with my stylus and ipad!  Here are a few of my "artistic drawings".  Beaver, hobo, zebra, and Garfield (personal favorite).  Anyway, wanted to give a shout out to the most fun app I've found lately.  And if you get tired of playing, let your kid play me!  I promise to only choose tasteful drawings!  Use my email pam.pensiero@gmail.com or my FB name Pandora Lee Pensiero (Richards) to find me!  Click HERE for the app.

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