Thursday, July 25, 2013

We will always have Cambria!

This was a great way to begin my summer.  We went to Cambria with the famous Darby's.  My BFF, Marti,  for close to 40 years (whoa), her amazing husband, Eric along with Gene and I went on a wonderful few days.  No concerns other than what to eat...what to wear....and things to write in the sand. 
Of coarse we took lots of pictures!  Maybe too many! 
 We did things I've never done before, which was checking out the Elephant Seals which we were just in time to experience the Catastrophic Molt.  We were in awe and amazement of the staggering amount of seals.  If you didn't know you might have thought they were all dead!  But No...they were just sunning their skin off and practicing fighting.  The bigger males were not there and so the juvenile males were putting on a slight show.

 We were taught about what a moon stone was from some local people who come and collect them for projects.  Here Eric is explaining to Marti about the stones.

 There was something for everyone.  I loved looking at the birds.  There was a family of Acorn Woodpeckers that would visit the yard of the house we stayed at.  They were beautiful.  I have become a bit of a birder of late and this was a fun thing for me.  We don't see them in our city, so it was a true treat.  
We will always have Cambria....very fun thought! 

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