Monday, April 01, 2013

Oh the times, they are a changin...

It started about 37 years ago!  My husband wanted a tattoo! He and a friend went drunk to a tattoo parlor in Long Beach. Needless to say, he chickened out (good thing for him!)

Then about 15 years ago he did get a tattoo, and it was my name Pandora.  He went into a shop and chose lettering from a chart.  Looking back on it and knowing what we do now, he probably should have found someone else and gotten bigger better lettering.  But then again, the world of tattooing is way different now.

When my son was 18 he wanted a tattoo and when he got his first, Gene got the little heart!

Jump ahead to 2012 and we both started getting ink.  Gene wanted something that had to do with our wonderful love and marriage, so he went in with a small idea to Lou's Tattoo in Lemoore and ended up with this tattoo
It is just simply gorgeous! When I saw this, I knew I had to have a tattoo of my own!  I spells out Two hearts one love in Italian with our wedding date!

I decided to have Lewis, from Lou's Tattoo design a tattoo for me

I wanted something that had to do with the scripture Psalm 30:5, which states joy comes in the morning.  I was thinking it was more about the next life when we are free from the suffering of the present time and are truly filled with joy.  But little did I know that that biggest trial of my life was just before me,  The Lord wanted me to know that everything was not over, and that joy does come in the morning....(BTW this photo was of the healed tattoo binged up by my amazing manicurist named Valerie at the Nail Attic in Lemoore-the glitter isn't always there)

Because Lewis' work is so amazing..we got more! 

Gene got my name again on his finger...I got this lovely cross (completely designed by Lewis)

Gene wanted to have the first tattoo embellished a bit, so Lewis came up with this idea..The swallows (who always return to their homes) each holding a love letter with my name on it!  So sweet and romantic!  Not to mention beautiful! 

This one is on my shoulder and goes along with Gene's Italian one....
This is the last one Gene got.  It is the Alpha and Omega, speaking of Jesus, of course.  It is another amazing tattoo by Lewis.  Check out his work on the enabled link.  I highly recommend the studio and the artists there!

My "simple life" has added ink to it. I don't know why, but I'm so glad I did! 

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